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1986 yılında Denizli'de doğdu. İlk ve orta öğretimini Denizli'de tamamladı. 2005 Yılında Sakarya Üniversitesi Bilgisayar Mühendisliği bölümünde Mühendislik eğitimine başladı. Eğitim süresi boyunca bir çok kulüpte aktif olarak görev yaptı. 2009 Senesinde Erasmus Programı dahilinde gittiği Portekizin Coimbra şehrinde İlk Türk Günü etkinliğini organize etti. 2009 yılı sonlarında Girişimci arkadaşları ile birlikte Pusula Akademi Özel Eğitim ve Danışmanlık firmasının kurucu ortağı ve medya ve bilişim yöneticiliğine başladı. Halen daha Pusula Akademi'de çalışmakta. grubunda kurucu yazar ve editör olarak çalışmakta. Aynı zamanda grubun üniversite organizasyonları ve kurumsal çalışmalarından sorumlu olarak Pusula Akademi bünyesinde çalışmaktadır. Üniversite hayatı boyunca birçok danışmanlık ve yazılım firmasında çalıştı. Sosyal sorumluluk projelerinde aktif sahada ve organizasyon basamağında çalışmalar yaptı. Aktif bir öğrencilik yaşantısı sonrasında kişisel gelişim ve satış pazarlama alanındaki kariyerine devam etti. Üniversite eğitimi süresince kulüpler bünyesinde satış pazarlama , kişisel gelişim ve teknik konularda eğitimler verdi. Halen daha Pusula Akademi ile eğitim organizasyonlarında konuşmacı ve organizatör olarak görev yapmakta.

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Çarşamba, 19 Ocak 2011 20:46

Oracle Pl/sql Programming In Simple Steps


Oracle Pl/sql Programming In Simple Steps
Kogent Learning Solutions Inc. | 2008 | ISBN: 8177228552 | 240 pages | PDF | 12 MB

This book effectively explains the concept of PL/SQL programming. It gives short yet complete description of the PL/SQL programming concepts and explains them step by step. This book provides core information that every PL/SQL developer should know to write PL/SQL programs, interact with Oracle databases, perform complex calculations, and handle exceptions. Loaded with lots of examples and illustrations to explain concepts, this book would help you learn PL/SQL programming with minimal effort.

Download Link :

Çarşamba, 19 Ocak 2011 20:41

DBA Easy Control for Oracle 4.5

DBA Easy Control for Oracle 4.5 | 13.85MB
DBA Easy Control for Oracle is a versatile database management suite for Oracle DBA. The solution aggregates all the information that Oracle DBA use on a daily basis for more efficient analysis and troubleshooting. The great advantage of DBA Easy Control for Oracle is that all the requested information is stored in a separate repository which is bound to specific objects and provides instantaneous access to the necessary information about any element in your databases. The list of typical tasks that DBA Easy Control for Oracle facilitates includes, but is not limited to: creation and modification of users, scheduling a variety of SQL tasks, distribution of access rights, creation and extension of tablespaces, obtaining full database information (users, tablespaces), information about database events, technical documentation, scripts, history of privilege granting and revocation, statistical data and other essential information.

The powerful logging engine keeps track of every event taking place in the system, which is especially useful for corporate security departments controlling access to valuable data. The solution can also import notifications from external monitoring systems and distribute them among administrators for further processing. The SQL tasks subsystem allows you to automate the execution of resource-intensive jobs at the time of minimal workload (e.g. nights.) Parallel execution of tasks reduces idle time and their duration. The client-server architecture of the solution implies that the data collection application uses an Oracle database to store statistical data. Therefore, if installed on a separate Oracle instance, it allows you to view database-specific information even if the database itself is currently unavailable.
DBA Easy Control for Oracle puts you in command of your databases and makes your job easier. Make sure you add DBA Easy Control to your software arsenal!
Download Link:


Extend and Customize Oracle E-Business Suite
Transform your Oracle E-Business Suite infrastructure to suit enterprise requirements using the comprehensive development methods in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle E-Business Suite Development & Extensibility Handbook lays out each tool alongside reusable code and step-by-step examples. Learn how to create multiorg objects, integrate Java and PL/SQL, design custom user interfaces, and use Oracle Application Framework and Oracle Workflow. This detailed volume also explains how to work with Oracle XML Gateway, publish dynamic business intelligence reports, and tune your configuration.

* Manage an efficient development platform with Oracle Application Object Library
* Develop concurrent programs, customized forms, and personalized graphical user interfaces
* Securely share data between organizations
* Distribute business communiques through Oracle Reports and Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher
* Develop Java extensions with Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Application Framework
* Capture and graphically map business processes using Oracle Workflow
* Exchange data between applications via Oracle XML Gateway
* Change the appearance of applications using Custom Look and Feel
* Integrate Oracle E-Business Suite with service-oriented architecture using Oracle Applications Adapter On Demand

Publisher: Mc/Graw-H i l l 2011 | 592 Pages | ISBN: 0071700641 | PDF | 15 MB

Leverage your Oracle DBA skills on Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration for Oracle DBAs shows you how to use your experience as an Oracle DBA to get up to speed quickly on the Microsoft SQL Server platform. Authors with real-world expertise in both Oracle and SQL Server introduce you to fundamental concepts, such as SQL Server architecture and core administration, before guiding you through advanced techniques, including performance optimization, high availability and disaster recovery. Platform comparisons, on-the-job examples, and answers to questions raised by Oracle DBAs learning the SQL Server environment help build your skills.

This practical guide shows you how to:
* Identify the components of the SQL Server platform
* Understand SQL Server architecture
* Install and configure SQL Server software and client components
* Define and manage database objects
* Implement and administer database security
* Monitor, identify, and resolve performance issues
* Design and implement high availability, system backup, and disaster recovery strategies
* Automate SQL Server using built-in scheduling and alerting capabilities
* Import and export data to and from SQL Server and other RDBMS platforms
* Upgrade existing SQL Server installations and migrate Oracle databases to SQL Server

Çarşamba, 19 Ocak 2011 13:16

Oracle Training - Master Collection 90+ e books

Oracle Training - Master Collection
PDF | English | 1.01 GB

Oracle is the largest business software company in the world, with more than 320,000 customers-including 98 of the Fortune 100-and supports these customers in more than 145 countries, which is why knowledge about Oracle programs is valuable to a professional's IT career and some Oracle training will help with successfully passing the designated Oracle certification exam. Thousands of customers from every industry around the world use Oracle products to transform their businesses and achieve greater success. Knowing how to efficiently use their products will enhance your IT career since companies look to hire individuals that are certified.

Apress - Expert Oracle 9i Database Administration.chm
CRC Press - Oracle 11i E-Business Suite From the Front Lines (2005).chm
Digital Press - Oracle SQL. Jumpstart with Examples.pdf
Essentials Oracle Database 10G, 3Rd Edition.chm
Expert One-on-One Oracle.PDF
IBM - Oracle To DB2 UDB Conversion Guide V 8.1 on AIX, Linux, and Windows .chm
Installation Guide b15690.pdf
Introduction to oracle 9i PL-SQL part 2.PDF
Mastering Oracle8i.pdf
McGraw Hill - Oracle Database 10g, A Beginner's Guide.chm
McGraw Hill - Oracle Database 10g. High Availablity with RAC Flashback & Data Guard.chm
McGraw-Hill - Crystal Reports 9 on Oracle.chm
McGraw-Hill Osborne - Oracle Database 10g SQL.chm
O'Reilly - Oracle - Advanced Programming With Packages.pdf
O'Reilly - Oracle - SQL Programming.pdf
O'Reilly - Oracle DBA Checklists Pocket Reference.pdf
O'Reilly - Oracle Language Pocket Reference.pdf
O'Reilly - Oracle PL-SQL Best Practices.pdf
O'Reilly - Oracle PL-SQL Language Pocket Reference - 2nd Ed 2003.chm
O'Reilly Java Programming with Oracle JDBC.pdf
O'reilly - Mastering Oracle Sql. 2nd Ed.chm
O'reilly - Oracle Essentials. Oracle Database 10g. 3rd Ed.chm
O'reilly - Oracle Pl.sql Language Pocket Reference. 2nd Ed.chm
O'reilly - Oracle Regular Expressions Pocket Reference.chm
O'reilly - Oracle SQL Plus. The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition.chm
OCP Instructors Guide for Oracle DBA Certification.pdf
OReilly - Oracle Essentials Oracle Database 10g.pdf
Oracle 10G - Oracle Database 10G - SQL Fundamentals II - Volume 1 - Student Guide.pdf
Oracle 10G Database - DBA.pdf
Oracle 8 SQL Reference.pdf
Oracle 9i SQL Reference (a90125).pdf
Oracle 9i TestKing 1Z0-032 Database Fundamentals II v2_0.pdf
Oracle Applications DBA Field Guide (2006).pdf
Oracle Database 10g OCP Certification All-in-One Exam Guide.pdf
Oracle Database Quick Installation Guide 10g Release 1 ( for the Solaris Operating System (x86).pdf
Oracle High Performance Tuning for 9i and 10g.chm
Oracle Press - Oracle 9i - The Complete Reference.pdf
Oracle9i Administrator's Reference for UNIX Systems AIX-Based Systems, Compaq Tru64UNIX, HP 9000 Series HP-UX, Linux Intel, and Sun Solaris.pdf
Prentice Hall Ptr - Programming Oracle Triggers And Stored Procedures. 3rd Ed.chm
Sams - Oracle.Perfomance.Tuning.And.Optimization.chm
Sams - Teach Yourself Oracle 8 In 21 Days.pdf
Special Edition Using Oracle 11i (Oracle Applications).chm
Sybex - OCP. Oracle 10g New Features For Administrators.pdf
Sybex - Oracle Database Foundations.pdf
Sybex Ebook - Oracle_DBA_Cert_Kit - SQL_and_PLSQL_guide.pdf
Sybex Oracle Database 10g For Administrators.pdf
Wrox professional.Oracle.Programming.Jun.2005.pdf
Hungry Minds - Sql Bible Oracle.chm
eBook.Sams.-.TOAD.(Tool for Oracle Application Developers).Handbook.ShareReactor.chm
o'reilly - oracle pl.sql language pocket reference, 2nd edition.chm
oracle - TestKing 1Z0-033 Oracle9i Performance Tuning v2.pdf
oracle press. oracle 9i - the complete reference.pdf
prentice hall - programming oracle triggers and stored procedures.chm
prentice hall ptr - oracle dba guide to data warehousing and star schemas.chm

Download Links :

Çarşamba, 19 Ocak 2011 13:06

Oracle Database 11g The Complete Reference 2008


Get full details on the powerful features of Oracle Database 11g from this thoroughly updated Oracle Press guide. Oracle Database 11g: The Complete Reference explains how to use all the new features and tools, execute powerful

SQL queries, construct PL/SQL and SQL*Plus statements, and work with large objects and object-relational databases. Learn how to implement the latest security measures, tune database performance, and deploy grid computing techniques. An invaluable cross-referenced appendix containing Oracle commands, keywords, features, and functions is also included.

* Install Oracle Database 11g or upgrade from an earlier version
* Create database tables, sequences, indexes, views, and user accounts
* Construct SQL statements, procedures, queries, and subqueries
*Optimize security using virtual private databases and transparent data
*Import and export data using SQL*Loader and Oracle Data Pump
* Use SQL replay, change management, and result caching
*Avoid human errors using flashback and automatic undo management
*Build and tune PL/SQL triggers, functions, and packages
*Develop database applications using Java, JDBC, and XML
*Optimize availability and scalability with Oracle Real Application Clusters

Download Link :


Çarşamba, 19 Ocak 2011 13:03

Oracle PL/SQL by Example, 4th Edition


Prentice Hall | 2008 | ISBN: 0137144229 | 768 pages | PDF | 14 MB

This integrated learning solution teaches all the Oracle PL/SQL skills you need, hands-on, through real-world labs, extensive examples, exercises, and projects! Completely updated for Oracle 11g, Oracle PL/SQL by Example, Fourth Edition covers all the fundamentals, from PL/SQL syntax and program control through packages and Oracle 11g's significantly improved triggers.

One step at a time, you'll walk through every key task, discovering the most important PL/SQL programming techniques on your own. Building on your hands-on learning, the authors share solutions that offer deeper insights and proven best practices. End-of-chapter projects bring together all the techniques you've learned, strengthening your understanding through real-world practice.

This book's approach fully reflects the authors' award-winning experience teaching PL/SQL programming to professionals at Columbia University. New database developers and DBAs can use its step-by-step instructions to get productive fast; experienced PL/SQL programmers can use this book as a practical solutions reference. Coverage includes

. Mastering basic PL/SQL concepts and general programming language fundamentals, and understanding SQL's role in PL/SQL

. Using conditional and iterative program control techniques, including the new CONTINUE and CONTINUE WHEN statements

. Efficiently handling errors and exceptions

. Working with cursors and triggers, including Oracle 11g's powerful new compound triggers

. Using stored procedures, functions, and packages to write modular code that other programs can execute

. Working with collections, object-relational features, native dynamic SQL, bulk SQL, and other advanced PL/SQL capabilities

. Handy reference appendices: PL/SQL formatting guide, sample database schema, ANSI SQL standards reference, and more
Download link :

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